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HDD WTF!, and Partitioning help!

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Ok i have a few problems and questions.


Firstly, some time when i turn my PC on the "Safley Remove Hardware" icon is on the task bar, and i click it.. and it has my 200gig WD in it.




And Secondly, i have a 200gig HDD right.


and i have windows on it, and 104gig or DATA (Music, Movies,Games etc..)

and i want to partition about 10gig of that, and put windows on that 10gig, and have all my DATA on the other partition, but i also want windwos removed from the big partition, cna i do this and keep all my files?


Current C:


Windows XP



What i want:

C: Windows XP (10gb)

F: DATA (190gb)


Seems impossible to me....... but there might be something i dont know about :P


Thanks in advance.

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Any ideas about the other prob i have? the "Safley Remove Hardware"thing


It'll always appear when you have drives connected to the nf4 controller, nothin you can do about it. I don't believe it'll actually let you remove it since the OS is on it though. There is an option somewhere to permanently shut off the icon, though you won't see it for USB drives and whatnot then.

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Did you install the Nvidia IDE SW drivers..? Thats what makes your hdd appear as a safely removable device.. Uninstall/Install it..

I really cant remember which one but the nvidia sw drivers makes the thing appear/disappear... Also you can get rid of lot of driver listings in device manager too..

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