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Promise TX4300 RAID Controller with latest BIOS beaks NvRaid

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It's been running fine with the original Promise TX4300 BIOS (v2.00.0.31). Normally during post, the Promise card detects it's array (shows "Press CTRL-F"), then NvRaid detects it's array (shows "Press "F10"). I flashed the Promise card to the latest BIOS just out (v2.5.0.3115) and get some numbers on the screen (10DE 0053) in place of where NvRaid normally shows. The code seems like the hardware ID of the NvRaid chip. Anyway, if I flash it back to the original BIOS, it works normally again.


Any ideas? Perhaps there's something to configure with the IRQ mapping in the BIOS? Or maybe it's a bug in the Promise BIOS. Or both - or neither... I don't know.


I'm going to try and swap slots with the sound card and see what happens...


... Well, swapped the cards and still the same thing. Guess I'm going back the original BIOS then.

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