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Amd Opteron's....

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What exactly is an opteron? I know it's 64bit and all, but i always thought it was for multi-processor systems, like Xeon's.


However, i've seen opteron's specified for single opteron systems, so why would you want to purchase that over a high-end barton? or better yet, the new athlon 64's coming out? What's the major specs that make it stand out from the rest?

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okay, here's the point to it.


benifits of opteron vs athlon 64


Dual Channel ecc ddr controller built in (larger amounts of ram possible)

room for larger L2 cache (we'll be seeing this soon)

SMP enabled on the 2xx or higher series chips

memory controller can NOT be over ridden by the mobo's own controller for stability sake

more robust thermal protection

l1 and l2 cache are ecc

256k L1/1mb l2


athlon 64's benifits


debut faster

single channel ddr controller which will take ANY ddr

dual channel ddr support can be provided via the mobo chipset, also allowes for better overclocking

only l2 cache has ecc (cheaper)

slightly improved 32bit core

128k l1 / 1mb l2



personally I still would take my opteron over the athlon 64 until the crush 8 chipset from nvidia starts shipping. cuz the via kt800 is a pile of monkey toss.


and yes I can say I've seen a 1.8ghz opteron run a barton 2800 over in every test I've tried... the 64 beat it in most, but not all tests (just the most important ones)

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