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Need desperate help! Nothing comes up!

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I was loading up my new comp, and it connected to a DELL E172FPb, My computer specs are:

AMDX2 3800+ cpu

DFI NF4 Ultra-d mobo

7900GT vga card

Antec TX1050B case


Anyways i load it up and nothing happens, one time when i pressed the power button the DFI Lanparty screen came up and then nothing.

Ok also, nothing has been installed, windows xp hasnt been installed and drivers havent been installed, what do i do? How do i install drivers if nothing will show up on screen?

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Do you get a single beep at post?


There are also diagnostic leds at the bottom left hand side of the board, if you read your quick setup guide it tells you how many should be lit up if the motherboard has recognised all your main hardware, memory, cpu, vga.


the fact that your getting the screen light up with the lanparty logo means that your graphics card should be ok, I would have thought that your cpu is ok but double check that your fan turns on because if it dont I'm sure it just shuts it's self down.


As for your hdd I would not connect it at first just verify your main components are ok.


Then connect your hdd, cdrom drive.


Once you have those ok then when you boot press delete then enter the bios settings, you want the second one down at tell the pc to boot from the cdrom drive to allow you to load windows & any drivers for sata drives.

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