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Opteron 146 cab2e 0604epaw 3ghz stable


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I have an opteron 146 that runs at 3ghz with 1.475 volts in the bios prime stable 21 hours. I also ran this chip for 46 hours at 2860 stock volts before increasing the voltage at all. I havn't tried any higher than that as I was having some trouble with my expert and rma'ed it. its an oem cab2e 0604 epaw, processor only. I've decided to go back to dual core and sell this great chip off.


230 shipped in the con us priority mail with insurance.


price drop 215.00 Shipped


my heatware is in my sig


ebay is under toddm27


pm me with questions


paypal only please


I will ship it the same day I'm paid


Screenshot of 3000


screenshot of 2860





I've got a bunch of thermal adhesive tape up for grabs.


This stuff works great for ramsinks and whatnot,


1"wide by 5" strips


$2.50 shipped for 4 5" strips 20 inches total


$3.50 shipped for 6 5" strips

$4.50 shipped for 8 5" strips

$5.00 shipped for 10 5" strips or $1 per additional 10" beyond that


all prices are shipped in the con us, to canada is 1 dollar additional.


I usually ship the day I'm paid if before 11am central time or the next day if after


This is Sekisui #5760 thermal adhesive, I will ship it on a piece of wax paper on one side.


heat is under toddm27, link in my sig


ebay under toddm27 also


pm me with questions


if you pm me please bump the thread


Paypal or usps money order

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