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dfi ultra-d nf3 questions

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Greetings folks!


I finally put my new amd system together and have a few questions that I’m hoping someone can answer. Here are the specs:


Amd Opteron 165 CCBWE 0546MPMW stepping with Zalman 9500c HSF

DFI nf3 Ultra-D AGP motherboard with 12/19/05 (beta) (I also tried the 7/11/05)

2x 1Gb OCZ PC4000 ddr 500 Platinum Edition

Leadtek 6800 GT agp Video Card

2 Pci Cards -- AHA2940 scsi controller and PCI324 (pci card for motu 1224 audio interface)

Silverstone Zeus 650W power supply

2 x 74gb Raptors in Raid 0 (connected on SATA 3&4)

1 x Western Digital 250gb ide drive

1 x Compaq 18gb scsi drive

Antec P180 Case with 4 x 120mm fans (2x129cfm and 2x96cfm)

1 x Toshiba dvd writer

1 x Samsung cd writer.

Windows XP pro SP2 32bit


I have a feeling that the bios in this motherboard is playing with my mind. I've tried two versions and they both act goofy.


Right now the highest I can bring this system up to is:


2.33 Ghz (258x9), LDT/FSB at 4X with the memory running 1:1 ratio @ 3-3-2-7 1T

Stock voltage on CPU, CHIPSET and AGP. I did raise the voltage to 2.7v on the memory section, and I also set the AGP to 67Mhz


I tried to raise the frequency higher and lowered the LDT/FSB to 3 X, played around with the voltages on the CPU, Memory and Chipset but I could not get it to post with anything higher than 260mhz.


I also played with the memory timings and made them loose @ 2T


I also tried 314x8 with 1.425 voltage, got it to post and went back in the bios and it was retaining all the values but when I was booting into Windows it was showing 1.6 Ghz (200x8).


Should I be happy with what I have right now or is there room to play around and try to get it higher. If so what suggestions with you have as far as memory timings and voltages in order to clock this thing higher.


What is aprox: the fastest frequcy my Ram will do (stable) in order to maintain a 1:1 Ratio with the fsb?


And one last thing. If the above does not work is there a software utility that allows you to overclock the cpu from within Windows? If so what would be the difference?


Thank You


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No I am still stuck @ 259x9 . The bios is horrible. it won't post with anything higher than that


to reach a fsb of 300 you must set Max Memclock in DRAM configuration to 133mhz !

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I reach a fsb of 300 with the bios 711 and the memories in the orange slot



Super Pi 1MB estable



Test with 3-4-4-8 2t to 300Mhz


3DMark2001 with a MX440



S-Pi 8m



But I have a lot of errors with Memtest in Windows

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