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Suggestions About System/overclocking.


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What's going on fellow Overclockies...


Anyways to start off with here are my specs. (Windows XP)


|Pentium 4. 2.4 Ghz. 800 Mhz FSB|

|512 Mb (433)(Pc 3500) DDR|

|Geforce 5600 Ultra|

|S-ATA 80 Gb 7200 Rpm HD|

|ATA 40 Gb Older HD|

|52X CDr Drive, and a DVD drive|


|1 Power Supply Fan, 1 Side Casing Fan, and the Fan the CPU came with|

|Aluminum Casing|


Now... Basically I need to know...what do i need to do to Overclock...I know how..I just need to know my limitations..etc..and suggestions..on other things...


I heard from someone that I can OC uber big...with just Air considering its an 800 Mhz FSB.


All suggestions, limitations, and comments are wanted.


Thanks a bunch guys...

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