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Overclocking Settings?


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Hi !


I want to over clock my P4 2.4GHz with stock intel's heat sink


how much can i overclock my cpu and what voltage level do i set?


I am afried of cpu crash :unsure: ...be carefull with your messeges...lol

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being the nOOb of nOObs to overclocking, i just had some questions.

yesterday i dove into the OC ring and changed my multiplier from 11x166 to 12x166. i had a couple concerns about the temps. after i jumped to 12x i ran prime95s strees test and my temp went to 64C. is that exceptable for being under full load or should i back it off a bit


asus A7N8X- deluxe

amd 2500+ barton 333 FSB

defualt HSF

512mb pc 3200

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