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So what exactly does the 12v rails do for your overclock?

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When looking at smartguardian my values are:


CPU 1.47v

ATX +12V = 11,71V

NB +1.5V = 1,47V

ATX +5.0V = 5,05V

ATX +3.3V = 3,31V

VBAT +3.0V = 3,04V

DRAM 2,60V = 2,59V


Most values are lower than what they should be, does this mean my PSU is broken (or not up to the task?)

I can OC till 10 * 250Mhz, since this was the brick wall on my X2 3800+ as well, i starting to suspect the TAGAN PSU being the limiting factor.


curious what your values are and if a lower +12v value really is worse, or that i need to take other things into account.

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my 12v in SG reports 11.96v and in bios its 12.09v.


i trust my bios more...


my x2 3800 is rock solid @ 2.5ghz 1.375v - 104%

can get up in the 2.7 range but not prime stable


so if there is anything to take into account its the accuracy of smart guardian :)

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