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First of all let it be known that this is my first venture into overclocking,

I have read the wonderful article "The Definitive DFI A64 Overclocking Guide" and pretty much followed it step by step.

I first found the Max of my CPU which happens to be about 2750MHZ, so I backed it down to 2700MHZ, just because I am a chicken.


Secondly I searched for the max speed of my RAM and I stopped at 300MHZ (DDR600) and I had yet to get any problem after booting into windows and running prime 95 for 8.5 Hours.


I am attaching some screenshots I have taken and please let me know if there are any area I should be concerned about (IE possibly damaging components)


Also please let me know if my 3D mark score looks ok, I compare it against some otheres and it ooks low but against others it looks fine. the biggest drop off i see is the actual video card frame rates, and I am not sure why.

Any time you spend is greatly appreciated.












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You're going to have those pictures deleted unless you get them down to 800x600.


I would be a little bit worried about putting more than 1.5v through a dual-core CPU such as the X2 3800+


Looks pretty good otherwise.

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I think so. The reason being is I'd be worried about burnout after a certain amount of time.


You won't kill it in one year, but it will decrease the life of that chip.


I have always practiced and heard that anything more than 1.5v is probably too much.


But thats obviously being conservative.


(P.S. the size of your signature is too big. Anything more than 50k will be deleted by the mods. Just a heads up)

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As long as your temps are ok, you're fine. I've had a 3700 running for nearly a year at 1.6V without issues. 1.55 for a dual core is extremely good at that speed. Try to keep full load temps under 55 degrees and you're set.

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