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3 Ddr sticks definatly going to cause problems?

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I was reading my MB manual and it says to avoide using 3 sticks. well i figured i would ask and see if its possible to get it to run with 3, I am upgrading from my nf2 and it only had 3, i have 2x512 and a Gig chip.


Currently running only on the 1gig in the first orange slot. should i try the other 2 and if so where should i put them, in the 2 yellow? any bios settings i should try?


Trying to see if i need to order more new ram to make sure my new sys will be more stable in the long run.




also: my temps at stock speed with retail hs/fan with heatpipes at 100% THE Bios shows 45-50c at stock :( its 40-45 when i don't max the proc. maybe my as5 isn't working properly? or something else might be wrong? everything is at default no volt increase but the memory to make it more compatabil with my cheap ram.

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