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Ccfls From The Auto Store

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I don't know if anyone wants to know this or not, but I thought I would let ya all know, this may also apply for regular PC CCFLs. I had bought a CCFL from pepboys and found it didn't work right it either didn't come on or it didn't glow bright unless it was tapped a few times, I had thought maybe there was somethign wrong with the starter, sooooo I proceeded to take it apart today to find out what the matter was. Turns out there is no starter in these, just a circuit board, everything on the circuit board checked out ok, so I decided to cut the CCFL out of the plastic molded case it was in and found that where the CCFL wires meet the circiot board wires there was a bad solder that hadn't taken or the very fine piece of CCFL copper wire had broken, not exactally sure which it was, but I suspect that this was the reason it would either not come on or just be very dim or come on when tapepd. So I soldered the wires back together and now it works perfectally, very bright. So if you come across this problem don't just chuck the CCFL in the trash be inquisitive and gently take it apart you might find the problem is as simple as this. I will post some pics later of the problem.

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