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3/4 Ram Slots Dead, 1 Ram Stick Dead

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The UT Nf4-D I have has never really been stable. After many attempts to stablize the computer nothing has worked. I have read the memery stickys and posted many times without any responce from the forums.


Today I went to turn on my computer. I get no boot and keep hearing 3 annoying beeps. I remove the bottom stick of RAM and the computer boots. As of right now the Bottom 2 memory slots will cause the computer not to boot and give me 3 annoying beeps in a row. The top most slot causes any memory stick to error out and the middle orange slot is the only working memory slot. Also the stick I had in the bottom most orange slot is now totally dead.


Why did this happen and how can DFI let itself sell a product that just randomly kills itself and other components?

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I hate what you feel man and no response from the forum was probably because of this >> ""G.Skill Value 1gb DDR Ram""<< I would imagine if you read all the posts you said you read that you would find no one in here has ever had any really high regards for anything 'value' oriented for the DFI NF4 series of boards.


Arrangement of memory in an NF4 dual channel 939 motherboard by DFI.

May use one stick in the Orange slot futherest from the cpu. It will be single channel.


Sometimes may use one stick in the Orange and the Yellow slot furtherest from the cpu. It will be two stick single channel.


Never can use single stick in Orange slot close to cpu. Will never work.


Never can use single stick in Yellow slot clost to cpu. Will never work.


In order to use memory in dual channel which is what the memory controller in the processor expects; you should FIRST put sticks in the Orange slots. This will be true for greater than 90% of ALL memories.


You may put memory in the Orange slots and run dual channel BUT you cannot put three (3) sticks of memory in the board and have it work.


Basically 1 stick Orange slot.


2 sticks using both Orange slots.


4 sticks using Orange and Yellow slots with attention to details of memory configuration settings in bios.


Those actually are the only valid memory stick combinations. Except sometimes two sticks in the Orange and Yellow slots furtherest from cpu will work as single channel only.


So complaining about the bottom slot especially the yellow one is useless testing of that slot. The memory will not work in the Yellow slots MOST of the time and if you DO NOT have 4 sticks to test with >> then you never had a valid configuration to test the bottom-most slot closest the CPU. Any time you stuck a single stick in that slot you were losing to begin with.


Memory goes bad. Had 4 sets of it die myself and 2 sets died on NF3 a long time ago. That is what they have warranty on memory sticks for anyway. Get the memory warrantied and at least you will be back to square one and get some memory the board likes and do even better. There is not really any other way to put it. I been there done that and have the T-shirts bought at the events.



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