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Comp Repair Class == Special Ed


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ok today in my comp repair class Im chillin messin around w/ some comps

repairin them for the teacher w/ 2 of my friends cause she said there was a virus

but I realized it was a ram issue... one of the dimm's was corrupted or the wrong

type... either way the comp got all gay w/ it...

then this tards who are in their second year of the class were tryin 2 copy

some win98 boot disks and they couldnt get the floppy drive workin and they

said they already replaced one... so I look inside and the first thing

I see is that the ram was like half way out so I ask one of the guys

what the heck? whys the ram not put in properlly (the comp was on

in windows and one of the latches for the ram was off and it was

connected but almost out...)

and his reply was well were havin problems w/ the floppy drive and not

the ram... and Im like ya theres not a problem yet and a few seconds

later the comp like surged and shut off cause I moved the cause when my hands were inside...

so the comps off and I put the ram all the way in and turn on the comp and goto

the cmos and look to see if theres a floppy drive configured and it wasnt....

so I told the guys you have 2 goto cmos for it 2 work and he's just like oh we did

and I said obviously you didnt... he probly didnt save changes since he's

such a moron....

I dont think a lot of the guys who are in their second year like me cause she has

them doin all the same stuff as everyone else cept like 2 guys help her like bring stuff out of storage, but me and my 2 friends are in there actually doin stuff

for her and she said they're all jelious and stuff cause we havnt

taken the class b4...

I swear some of these guys are complete morons... they didnt even know what linux was..

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welcome to the working world. we call that an everyday event at the office. it's those who think they know everything that make the dumbest mistakes. everytime I make that DUMB mistake of thinking I do, I get shown up by something so simple that I feel like an idiot... the best way to avoid making those mistakes: is to never think you KNOW what the problem is until you've diagnosed it fully and have FIXED IT

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:withstupid: i worked on this ladies computer the other day she said her internet was slow so she called dell and ended up buying 300 bucks in memory when i got to her house to install it she said my internet isnt any faster and she started to get mad with me and i told her why so when i left she was on the phone with dell yelling about the memory it was funny tho

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Yeah had problems like that. People just dont wana listen i think. They think they know everything. Instead of keeping an open mind. Ive had one person say that he had a problem with his computer so i go over to his house and he kept telling me what to do. So i just listen to him for about 30 minutes not getting anything done. So then i finaly said ok I will fix it give me 2 minutes of you not bothering me and it will be fixed. so he goes and gets me a soda and when he comes back its fixed. It just shows you you dont know everything.

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That is what communities(and people in general) like this are for ^_^

To share our knowledge and experiences with one another

true, if the person is really tryin to learn I have no problem helpin em out

even if they make mistakes on stuff thats stupid but understandable that

they'd do it wrong.... but w/ some ppl you don't wanna share knowledge

cause all that does is make it harder on you every time somethin goes

wrong cause they think they know what they are talkin about when it

has nothin to do w/ th real problem...

It pisses me off cause some ppl are like o I wanna know how 2 fix it

myself next time and you show them knowing they'll have no idea what

you're doing, and the next time somethin goes wrong and they try

and fix it by doing stuff step by step of what you showed them or whatever

and they accuse you of showin em wrong or like they need

to do somethin different or whatever... that or they dont remember

what you told them when its somethin very simple and you have 2 keep

showin em....

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