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When Must You Sleep


When do you know your body has had enough?  

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  1. 1. When do you know your body has had enough?

    • Sleep? What sleep?
    • I dunno when my mommy makes me.
    • Around the time I start to hear things.
    • When I start to imagine things.
    • After I have a conversation with a dead relative.
    • When I start falling alseep while standing.

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Ok well i dunno why but im tired. Odd that im tired at 11:30 but i guess 5 hours of sleep and getting up at 6 am arent helping. Anyways im bored and am trying to see how long I can remain awake and what effects are going to happen. Last time i did this was with some friends 2 years ago. Stayed up and played max payne to the second drug level. Anyways around the time we started to hear the babies crying randomly (not comming from the game) we knew it was time to quit. Fast forward to the present and I learned dont listen to pink floyd when ur really tired. Why? Well lets just say the part in dark side of the moon when you hear laughter I saw someone out of the corner of my eye. Problem was there was no one there and no i dont believe in ghosts. In fact I jumped a foot out of my chair (surprised i had it in me really) and almost bolted from my computer room. Aside frome minor vision problems like things going slightly out of focus and a few more of hearing things that arent there i seem perfectly fine.


Ahh well if its a little incoherent thats cause im tired. If there is horrible grammer and spelling my fingers are drunk.

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