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Shutting Down Early


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Simulation instability has been encountered. The run has entered a

[15:09:59] state from which no further progress can be made.

[15:09:59] If you often see other project units terminating early like this

[15:09:59] too, you may wish to check the stability of your computer (issues

[15:09:59] such as high temperature, overclocking, etc.).

[15:09:59] Going to send back what have done.

[15:09:59] logfile size: 8509

[15:09:59] - Writing 9189 bytes of core data to disk...

[15:09:59] ... Done.


[15:09:59] [email protected] Core Shutdown: EARLY_UNIT_END



could this be cause of my oc or do you think my core is corrupt

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