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Removed Audigy 2 ZS, Machine Check Exception goes away!?!?

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QUOTE=Krohling;677110]I'm having similar problems.


Every cold boot I notice a mouse pointer "lag"' date=' its the symptom that tells me I'm having the problem with the Audigy.


When I check the audigy speaker settings, its reset to "2.1 Speakers" while I always use "Headphones". Also, the computer is slower.


If I keep using the computer, the MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION BSOD will happen at some point.


Then, if I just reset my computer ("Start" > "Restart") the computer works perfectly. It happens just at the first cold boot after hours (>5h) the computer is turned off.


I tried disabling onboard devices such as AC97, Marvell Giga Lan, etc to free IRQs. Also switching from one PCI slot to another does not fix. Overclocking or not has no influence.


I'd like suggestions... Thank you.[/quote']


I am getting very similar problems as this post but i also get quite a few bsod's during boot up and somtimes doing a restart. i basicly have to uninstall/ reinstall sound drivers about 7 times a week just to get it temporarly working. At the moment mines in the lowest slot using irg16 not shareing with anything. I sopsose if i left it running instead of turning it off when at work i would have less problems but it gets dirty fast enough as it is. I hope sombody finds a fix for this soon as it worked perfect in my dfi NF3 ultraD befor changing motherboard and graphics card.



it the computer takes it time to boort up + bsod then is a hardware conflict /in memory allocation.


it wound tell you, but you can see the signs.


i have the same problem if i move m card from the middle pci slot to the bottom slot.


windows boot up but is very slow, and i get bsod from time to time.


sertain pci slts share with the onboard gear + the pci-express slots..


(i will map them out a nother day..)


also the bios keep the data on where things should go.


a full bios clear tell the bios to reorginise all the irq + memory addresses etc..


so he same hardware is the same place may be moved to differen irq etc...




put the sound card in the middel slot " do a cmos clear" reset config data (its in the bios options).. uninstall the drivers , use the cd + auto update online.


the zs works on a expert board.


its possible it not the sound card but a bug in the bios + a bug in other software.


it took me 6 months to finally get my system stable (non-clocked) to exactally where i had it same setup on a asus av8 4800 chip but with a agp 800pe ati card


buggy bios + buggy software drivers for the 1900xtx buggy nvidia drivers for ide hdds, major BUG IN THE X2 CHIP became unstable after 4+ hours of use "bad call timer software issue" (fix now avaliable 6 months later) [amd optimizer driver is a fix]..


1. no more ide crashing (use generic ide drivers _)

2. no more 4+ stability problem (amd optimizer call timer software fix)

3. more staly ati 1900xtx video drivers (i was on beta drivers when it came out)


at the time their was so many problems it was hard to tell if it was software+or hardware


the system was a nightmare + i had the cold boot bug.


i broke it down to basic and test for stability for a few months, testing 1 setup at a time..


now TOTAL stable can run the system for 20+ days playing bf2 on + off without reboot crash to desktops etc...

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[put the sound card in the middel slot " do a cmos clear" reset config data (its in the bios options).. uninstall the drivers , use the cd + auto update online.




ok, I will try moving it back to the middle slot as thats where i put it when i first installed the new motherboard/video card. btw i have tried flashing bios/clearing cmos/ resetting config data when i last moved to bottom slot, but im willing to give it a go again trying for the middel slot again. but I dont see the point in using the cd or the auto updated when i can simply just install the newest driver/ audio console to see if the fix works.


I do wonder how moving it to a different slot would fix it, if its not currently shareing an irq with anything?

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If the last PCI slot works the best, then keep your card there. I also tried my Audigy in the middle PCI slot as others have recommended. However, I still had problems until I moved to the last PCI slot.

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Well, my DFI is not an "Expert". I have only 2 PCI slots.

Changing slots has made no difference.


I can disable all onboard devices, no difference.


Still get the same problem at first cold boot.

Then restart = no problems, can use all day.


Card does not show any problems on other computers.

Used on my previous NF3 board without problems.

Always had random problems with the Audigy and my DFI NF4.

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My final feedback about this matter... Scratch what I said about the card not being defective, I was wrong.


I found out today that my Audigy 2 ZS is somehow defective.

Testing on one more computer has reproduced exactly the same behaviour of random problems at first cold boot just like on my system.


I don't know why it showed up in this system, and others didn't. But surely must be at least an intermittent problem, that usually happens on my computer.


I can't see any defective capacitors or other components on the sound card. Will have to send for someone to check it, or wait until I get a replacement card. This one is out of warranty.

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