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Another VENUS (RGone Angry_Games please read)

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Last night I finally switched the hardware form my “old” Expert to my new VENUS (for that much money it gets capitol letters).


So far everything is just set at “Optimized” in BIOS, and no stress testing done at all.

HOWEVER, the surprises have already begun to show!



The temps still seem to be “off” (if I understand correctly).

That is the CPU temp reads way too low vs. PWMIC and Chipset.

CPU - 27*C

PWMIC – 39*C

Chipset – 40*C

In other words, looks just like Expert did.


Rgone & Angry_Games – can (or) will this be FIXED by a BIOS upgrade or is it just what the hardware is going to be?

I really need an educated answer, as it is just unacceptable for a board that will be overclocked.


The GOOD (even GREAT)

Memory (Note: BIOS set to SPD)


This VENUS board handles RAM like the Expert feared to dream of.

Two sticks of OCZ PC4000 Gold GX XTC boot from ether Orange or Yellow slots.

The Expert would only work with the Orange slots – Yellow was NO-GO.



Just for the heck of it, I tried the RAM that DFI has (I understand) never before liked.

Yes, folks, the dreaded, Hated, CURSED – KingMax TinyBGA DDR-500. :eek:

Kingmax Semiconductor DDR-SDRAM PC4000 - 256 Mbytes to be exact.

This is the stuff that ANY combination – from one stick or two – in any slot(s) WOULD NOT EVEN GET INTO BIOS on the Expert.

Two in the Orange slots – up pop Windows! :)


Two in the YELLOW slots – up pops Windows! :cool:

Double DANG!

OK, lets BUST this winning streak.




OK, something “other-worldly” and very spooky is going on here.

I mean, like Rod Sterling is standing over in the corner narrating this scene to people I can’t see.


Oh, well – lets shoot the works.

Two 256M Kingmax TinyBGA sticks in Orange and two 1Mb OCZ Gold in the Yellow slots.

Yea, just like always with this board - Windows. :angel:

Heck it’s almost anti-climatic!


At this point I wouldn’t be surprised to see this VENUS boot with SODIMMs and Secure Digital cards.


Of course this is “just” running Windows – no memtest – no stress – no advanced clocking.

Still …..


Rgone – Angry: Let me know if I can test anything to help you as I slowly progress.

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Your cpu temps don't seem to be too bad.....what are they at load.


My chip ran 30-40C idle/load on my old SLi-DR and they run similar on the EXPERT. I know you have a dual core but you have a very nice heatsink so I wouldn't imagine the temps are off by that much. And if u have a way of measuring the temps then you can set the sensors in MBM5 to report them with an error correction.


Glad to hear it is up and running.

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Temps were taken as soon a Windows desktop appeared - less than 2 min - at stock speed.


Those those chips couldn't have heated up that quick without a sink, much less fan. :rolleyes:


Thanks for the idea, but there must (I hope) be a better solution.

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ya, those temps are probably not that far off. The "problem boards" are those that report 10-20C low... (like my expert @ 16C low! grrrr)


If you can provide your ambient temp, your full load temp, and the stated thermal resistance for your HSF, then we can calculate your real temps more accurately. But like I said, they're probably not far off.


And ya, the Venus appears to be VERY cooperative with any/all RAM... that rocks!

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What are the chances of that bios working on a Expert? :D



I'd say "high", but you never really quite know. They are supposedly teh same board.

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Krushull -

so the venus is just an expert with SOME of its features actually working?

That's so cynical - don't forget the posh packaging :) :shake:

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