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Who would like to see a bolt down Thermalright heatsink?

Smoken Joe


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    • Yes I want a bolt down heatsink.
    • No the old kind are fine for me.
    • It does not matter there are better ones out already.
    • No I am on water and not going back.

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Thermalright is the most popular heatsink here but they dont have a bolt down heatsink would you like to see one? You need a bolt down heatsink for cpus without the IHS and some of us simply don't like clip ons. I thought that they might be able to use the feedback if there truly was an intrest. If you do have a native bolt down that doesnt weagh as much as a small dog you might post up your cooler.


Note taking the IHS off is inhearently dangerous but not the only reason to do this.

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I voted for yes, but I dont think thermalright need to design a new heatsink Id just love it if they started reproducing the old SLK948U which IMO is perfect for a naked CPU, just extremly hard to get at the moment

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