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BIOS fix for s3 suspend/standby problem

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Just picked this up in the nf3 branch (http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showpost.p...72&postcount=41), concerning the resume from s3 standby / suspend problems (temperature/voltage reading and FSB reset). I thought it should be reported here too:


Here is information from AMD site. It may explain why S3 is not working stable on DFI boards.




85 Insufficient Delay Between MEMCLK Startup and CKE Assertion

During Resume From S3


When sequencing the DRAMs out of self refresh during a resume from the S3 (Suspend-to-RAM)

state, the processor fails to insert sufficient delay between MEMCLK startup and CKE assertion.

Potential Effect on System

Memory system failure leading to unpredictable system failure.

Suggested Workaround

Modify the resume from S3 BIOS sequence such that sufficient delay is inserted between the time

MEMCLK is enabled in the DRAM Config High Register (Dev:2x94) and the time the ESR and

SR_S bits are written in the DRAM Config Low Register (Dev:2x90[13:12]) to exit self refresh. For

registered DIMMs, 100 s of delay is required. For unbuffered DIMMs, 10 s of delay is required.

Fix Planned


That's great wadja! So it is a bug in the a64 processor, that can be patched by the BIOS! This should be reported to DFI officially. Angry...?


The FSB can be reset (from 200MHz to o/c) with nf4Clockgen after a wake from suspend, that is not too problematic.

But it would be great, if at least the temp reading would be working after a resume!

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