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help..cold boot error?

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i get a lot of this issue here, but no one is same with my specs so, i posting this one.


quite a time i encounter this problem when i'm going to turn-on my system.

my rig will stop in black screen after a beep and stock(hang-up)!


when i look in the diagnostics led it shows only one led is left ON.


the solution i get is to reset the system..and again the boot problems is gone.


what is the culprit in my rig? is the my PCEx or MEM?


see my sig for my rig :D


FYI: im using official bios release 3/10 bios from DFI website.

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See Troubleshooting Leds If the monitor is displaying it sounds like aboot up issue.


Do you have any usb drives/Readers even multifunction printers connected. It may be that a usb device is interfering with the HD boot order.


You might try In Advanced Bios Features change Delay for HDD (secs) to 2 or 3 this gives the drive time to spinup & boot.


luck :)

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thanks for input :D


i dont have any usb devices connected.


I was thinking that before; maybe my system booted faster than HD or any devices that need some initialization to finished.


Ok, i'll try ur suggesstion :D

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