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Micron 5B-D (Ballistix) and DR-Expert =Bios/settings???

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I'm very conficted about which RAM to keep. I have my new RMA 2GB Ballistix (Micron 5B-D z503) and Mushkin 2GB with Infeneon 3438. Both are PC4000 and have at least some OC potential.


I've had not trouble getting 260 3438 with the Mushies but thats about as far as they go, not bad. Easy and straight forward


The Ballistix are the newest batch and IC/PCB revision, and run cooler than previouse. THey have been a real pain to tweek. I just can't seem to get the settings right.


I can get 270 3338 with only 2.74vDimm, but can't go any further regardless of voltage or settings.


What Bios should I try for Micron?


What settings might Micron RAM like. Drive strenght, Tref etc. The usual settings I know of are winbond centric and don't seem to do much for the Micron RAM.


CAN the Expert board and Micron Ballistix Play nice together? PLS HLP


I couldn't find much on this, and what I found is five months old or more..



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Oatman I wish you well as will be returning mine for RMA. Prior to the mem going bad on me I hadn't played with drive/data strength settings.


My system was running along very happily at 233 x 13 and then it just started acting weird. After running memtest I was getting many errors.


When I get my new batch, like you, I will be looking for the best settings.


Until then, I'm sorry I can't be of more help.

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