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4x512 too much?

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Yeah, I have the Rev E CPU but it definately will not run the memory at DDR400. I went back and tried a quick test at DDR 387 with normal timings and it would not even boot windows. It may be BIOS or M/B but 333 is where I am at right now.

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Taiphoon is a great little app. Thanks for pointing me in its direction. Unfortunately GeiL lists itself as the manufacturer of those chips. Even though I still can't determine which chips GeiL used, I got alot of useful information from the SPD details! So is it pretty much everyone's suggestion to abandon the 4x512 and go for a 2x1024 setup?

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Bump. :)


I'm having the same problem, although I hear my PSU isn't enough, I have identical symptoms as the guy above and this is my second Expert board. With the same hardware, my first Expert ran the same 4x512MB sticks at DDR400 1T with ease.


I'm considering a new psu, 520W OCZ or 600W OCZ?

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I'm having a great time trying to get 4x512 GeiL Ultra-X NF4 edition dimms to run @ DDR 400. The advertised timings are 2-2-2-5/1T. I'm trying to run 4 of them at 2T. The only way I get even make it to memtest with those settings is to have the Dram Drive Strngth at level 9. Funning thing is, they will pass memtest for 8+ hours with no issues. But XP install dies at various points or call out a BSOD with "Memory Controller " as the exit reason 0x0000001A. The vdimm has been raised to the recommended 2.8v, I have also relaxed the timings to 2-3-3-6. Not sure where else to go.


My questions are:

1). Is there a way to identify which chips GeiL used? Is it possible that 1 dual channel set is TCCD and the other is BH-5? Would be funny.

2). Does the latest BIOS for the Expert fully support revision E6?

3). How much of a performance hit do I take by running 2GB @ 333 vs 1GB at 400?




1. read the model # off the modules


S = Samsung (TCCD)

W = Winbond (BH-5)


2. Yes


3. none:




also note that I never could get 4x512 @ DDR400, 1T to work properly on the Expert, not even with the newest cpu's


DDR400 @ 2T = no problems at all


(and reading the link I provided will show you that 1T vs 2T is no performance penalty either...so your best bet is to do DDR400 @ 2T)

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