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SLI-DR Expert: S-ATA/RAID and other problems

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brand new system, and many problems (as expected :D):


- when i launch speedfan (v4.28) the system IMMEDIATELY shuts down, like i'd hit the power off button!

- i DO NOT want to use RAID at all, but as you see in my sig i have 6 HD's. now the raptors will be the system drives, 1 for winxp only and the other for programs/games/temp data etc.

so i plugged the raptors into the NV-, and the samsung drives into the Sil 3114 controller (i heard the NV-chip is faster..?)

well first, i had many troubles getting the samsung drives to work at all, because i couldnt install the raid-drivers. when it finally worked, the drives - including the partitions i created before with another system - where properly recognized. but then partition magic gives me a very bizarre info about those drives: they are all marked yellow and named as "BAD" drives (see screenshot) - BUT the drives are accessable and all the data is useable!.

another problem was, after a short time, i got a bluescreen and after the next startup, the samsung's were gone again and the raid driver again impossible to reinstall (question mark in device manager "Mass Storage Controller")



i wouldnt mind reinstalling windows, but i really wonder what would be the best configuration in my case:

- BIOS: when i configure the Sil-controller as SATA, i was unable to install any drivers at all. i am now running at "SATA RAID BY OLD MB" and it seemed to work. what is your suggestion - which combination of controlers and drives should i use - and what BIOS setup would be the best?


sorry if the text is terrible to read, but i'm in a hurry and i want to keep testing stuff - there were some other problems, but i first want to solve the RAID-issue, so i'll keep this thread updated ^^.


thx in advance!!

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looks like you have a mess....lol


imho....a fresh install is DEFINATELY needed


what i would do, and this is just my opinion....


i would set up the 2 raptors in raid0 on sata's 1 and 2 (nv raid) and create a partition of 20~30 gb for windows


i would then set up the 4 samsungs, also into a raid array on the sil controller


just hit your f6 key while windows starts the set up of a new install, and load all your drivers off the floppy, and set your partitions while in the windows setup.

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thnx for your thoughts guys

- the drive issue was solved - i could finally install the Non-Raid drivers from the DFI-CD and select the SATA option in the BIOS.

btw: SATA II drives have a jumper anyway, so they can run in 1.5gb/s and 3gb/s mode if there are any incompatibility problems


@icon57: like i said, RAID is not an option for me - i also use linux, so it wont work anyway with windows at the same time

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Do they? Handy that. Only running SATA 1.5Gbps myself, but I would still plug in the Samsung drives into the nV chip so that they don't bottleneck while bursting out of cache. But either way, no big deal.

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ok, i'm pretty at the end of my latin, my nerves and my sanity :S


like i posted b4, the drives were finally properly recognized - after that i formated them all and everything seemed fine.

but then, i suddenly started getting bluescreens - "page fault in non paged area" and some others - no matter what i did. it happened only short after startup, no matter what i did, even if the whole system was idle. so i tried different RAM, different slots, only 1 rig etc., with no success.

then i suddenly couldnt even boot into windows anymore. sometimes the system just restarted after the loading screen, and sometimes i got just a black screen afterwards, and nothing was happening (i think since i got this machine, i used the reset button more than any key on the keyboard...)


at this point, i should describe another problem: booting things up from a CD seems to be hell of a task for my PC: i tried different bootable progs, like PM 8.0, a Gentoo Linux Rescue CD and a System Tools CD - but no single CD was able to boot properly - all of them suddenly hung at some point (PM at the language selection, the gentoo CD gave me some errors etc.)

very weird...


so i thought: lets reinstall windows with a RAID0 setup, like icon57 suggested - nothing easier than that. (ok i'll stop the sarcasm now =p)

i set up the BIOS, created a raid array with the 2 raptors and started the installation with the driver floppy disk. everything went fine until windows setup started copying the files, where all the sil3114 drivers were unable to be copied to the disk - great, skipping the files, continuing the setup, reboot and of course, disk error.


i tried other versions of the Sil3114 RAID drivers, but always the same error (note that i always chose SATALink drivers for the non-raid, and the RAID drivers for the RAID0 config, in case u wanted to ask :P)


i've tried my raptors on both the NV and the Sil controller, i always get the same problem: the installation with a RAID0 config doesnt work at all, and when i install windows with the SATA config, i get bluescreen problem...


my window is open, and my pc is about to fly through it, please help me...

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