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Aiw Radeon 7500 For Sale...


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I'm selling my AIW Radeon 7500 on ebay for $46 as of right now. It includes a new larger heatsink, attached with Artic Silver Adhesive. It includes the box plus all the manuals, software, cables, and adapters that came with the card, minus the remote. It has been overclocked, and there are a few scratches to the GPU from removing the original heatsink (now I know to use the freezer), but overall its in excellent working condition. It has been used for about 6 months, maybe a little more. This is still a decent card if you aren't into the newest games at the highest resolutions and framerates, and its TV functions are amazing. If you've got a game console (Gamecube, Xbox, Ps2 etc.), you can even run it in to the S-Video or RCA video in adapter and play in on your computer! Here's a link to the auction if you're interested. Some pics of the card:




The stock heatsink compared to the new one:





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