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SLI-DR Expert with SLI causes Game Crashes

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OK been using SLI for a month now and absolutly no problems, love it.


DFI LanParty Mobo BIOS (as shipped 11/02)

Athlon X2 4400+ (no HOTFIX)

2x74GB Raptor RAID0

80GB/200GB ATA133 storage

2x1GB Geil dual memory

2xXFX GeForce 7800GT SLI

MADDOG 16XDVD-RAM inernal/external

Floppy w/ memory card reader

Gigabyte Aurora Aluminium Chassis


Xion 600W SLI ready PSU

JBL speakers

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Had the same issues ect. ect. with BIOS 12/7, reverted to 11/2, system works fine.

One thing I did notice is that the RAM is transfering heat to the "first" GFX card...

My first card is always 5-10c more then the other, I blow a fan on my RAM, heat isue goes away...I dont think that is helping the SLi. The when the RAM and GFX card is under load, that first card is getting spanked by heat from the RAM which is also heating up...


so I think the "crashes" after a while of gaming are just heat related. I also notice more stable RAM volt with 11/2, it might just be me but thats what I have noticed.

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So many post......so many different minds working on troubleshooting. Perhaps there

may be an answer for us in the near future.





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..in relation to what froghunter said i got alot less issues with a few things by changing the sound acceleration to standard instead of full in dxdiag. also..its just my opinion, but some games crash anyway regardless of sli...i cant see blaming sli for every game crash. oblivion is the game ive played most since ive had my latest rig with sli going and every once in a while like has been mentioned before in this thread, when opening doors it will lock up. after changing the sound acceleration its been happening less frequently. also i notice if i just take my time opening the door instead of running into it all in a hurry it almost never locks up. this leads me to believe its more the game than the sli...and ive never had a lockup in other games...doom3,fear,farcry, ect, ect.

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Running SLi bf2 crashed out all the time. Not a heat issue as sometimes it would be after 5mins and other times it would be after 105mins!


Took out a card and everything was fine, but this is, of course no fix at all...


Tried 2T memory settings back in SLi and still experienced problems.


Tried with and without MS hotfix & AMD dual core fixes. No change there either.


Tried an unreal amount of nforce drivers and forceware version combinations and still no help.


Removed soundcard. No help


Changed teamspeak and BF2 sound to hardware controlled. No Help


Tried on stock clock, mem & voltage settings. Nada


Tried setting dual GPU rendering. SLi antialiasing etc.... Still stumped


Finally tried setting the BF2.exe to run on one core only. (Set affinity to single CPU)

Left OC settings stock and memory on 1T

SLi setup as standard and...... voila...... It plays BF2 on full graphics settings including AAx4 on full resolution (for my monitor) without crashing!


Not an ideal solution but it works for now! Go figure!

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I am having the same issue as you all have had for the most part. My problem occurs typically when my PC has sat idle for 1 hour and then I go to play ANY game. Once that occurs my PC locks up tight and the only way to recover is to hit the restart switch, I hate it.


I upgraded everything from my old SLI-DR to my SLI-DR Expert and the problem ONLY occured with the Expert mobo.


Here is what I have tried:


1. Reinstalled 6.70 Nvidia NF4 Drivers

2. Updated to latest Nvidia Video Drivers

3. reflashed video cards to various revisions

4. Full Reinstall of certain games I thought were effecting it

5. Ran all DXDiag tests

6. Updated X-FI drivers

7. multiple virus scans

8. Different RAM Modules and settings tested

9. Different CPU settings tested

10. Tested analog / digital monitors


Current Test: Bought new RAM and am testing atm (OCZ PC-4000 EB CE-5)


This problem is really frusterating and I am not "sold" on this Expert mobo for SLI.


Note: I am using 2x6800GT's eVGA not sure if that has anything to do with it or not.


Let's figure it out and feel free to add my name to the list of effected PC's with this Bug



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Trying to resolve some SLI issues myself as well on Expert board.

Have lockups in game. occasionally in windows.

In games (mainly WoW, though it doesn't use SLI) sometimes the screen just goes black, monitor light turns to amber, no soundloops i am hearing.

have two XFX 7800GT's, but cards are not identical, one is first model, second( gotten secondhand) is the one with black pcb board etc and flashy green Leds.

Am running the black PCB board by itself now and seeing if it has issues. The normal green board i ran for a a few days by itself and experienced no problems.

So now onto the second card in solo config and give it a few days.

Keeping an eye on this thread



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Hi all. I've just joined because I have found this thread and would like to register the SLI related fault i am experiencing. I am experiencing stability issues since havng SLI set up. PC Crashes and screen goes black with monitor light on orange. I do not get any looping sound. This only occurs ingame. Both of my cards hav ebeen tested with hours of gameplay single setup without any problems, cpu and memory have been tested with memtest, superpi, prime95, and occt using the guide in the forums here. i can guarantee my system's stability to be 100% only when on single card set up.


i hope a fix is available soon as i miss the stability of single card set up however i wont miss the performance comparison compared to sli.


thank you


edit: so far it has occured in quake4, nfsmw, and 3dmark05. happens either within a few minutes or a couple of hours

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