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Lets start with:



Skill! We need more people like these two on the road (jk lol):

Worlds Best Car Chase

Awesome skill! That guy deserves some kind of commendation for good driving. It wasn't fair they rammed him into stuff though. The police shouldn't treat a stolen car like a bumper car! They should have waited for him to run out of gas. :tooth:


This guy had a good run... literally! Wear a belt next time though...


Now the funny stuff (From my point of view heh):

I'm glad I live in Florida for once too. :P


Portland drivers in the snow

Pool with cars? Hehe. That first guy was nuts. :rolleyes:

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some of them are just plain funny though...


We live in a demented society where we find humor in some one elses pain...


idiot + WD-40 + stick = hilarious...


stupid people humor...;)

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