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Harry Shearer of Spinal Tap and SNL Fame has made his home in New Orleans for many years. Since Katrina hit he's been working hard to help the city recover.


Harry created Crescent City Stories to document the recovery and rebuilding of New Orleans as only someone with a love of the city can do.


I'll start you with the promo for the series. You can find the series listed down the left hand navigation.






BTW Harry accepted an invitation from my Uncle and sat with us for the Sugar Bowl game. He's every bit as funny as you can imagine.

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Be Aware


Please make sure your post has a description of the video in the link as well as a warning if the video or other content on the linked page is Not Safe For Work.


We don't want anyone getting into trouble by accident.

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This series of videos will provide some background material, spoof videos and finally the source of the orignal music selection. All are safe for work.


The original spark that started it all as it appeared on network TV.

From the second season final episode of The O.C....



The Saturday Night Live spoof...



A 300 spoof of the SNL spoof...


How about a Lord of the Rings spoof...


Then there's the Dirty Harry spoof...



One more. Pirates of the Caribbean...


And finally the video Hide and Seek from Imogen Heap...


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