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Super Nade


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Corsair XMS PC4400v1.1 ,2 x 512 Mb

DFI NF4 Ultra-D (Modded to SLI) SOLD

Fortron Blue-StormAX-500A SOLD



The Corsair was fresh from RMA and it did about 296MHz with the same timings. I somehow feel that the reason I didn't hit DDR600 was because of my CPU and that my temperature was not under control. So I decided to move to WC. To fund WC I need to sell off my RAM. :( I'm sure that these sticks would do well for you as I have not been able to obtain good results with any type of memory, with this particular CPU. YMMV. Both have TCCD chips on them.

This board works perfectly fine with everything except UTT based stuff. This is a Rev A0 and all my OC records have been set by this board.



I've hit DDR600 with more than 5 sets of RAM and also 270MHz 2-2-2-x-1T with old school Winbond BH5. The only reason I'm selling this board is because I got an NF4 Expert.


No need to introduce the Bluestorm. Everybody knows how good this PSU is. It will power 2x6800GS SLI,but I'm not sure if it would suffice for my next 7900GT venture.So, I'm selling these.



Price: (shipping included)

$175 for the PC4400 Corsair. Now $150!

I'm open to all reasonable offers ;)

$105 for the Ultra-D SOLD

$85 for the Bluestorm. If it does not sell, I will keep it. SOLD



Shipping and payment:

Shipping via USPS Priority. I accept M.O's and non-cc paypal. I'll ship worldwide if you agree to deal with customs hassles and pay for shipping.


Heatware under super_nade


Thank you for your interest.

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is this a twinx matched kit? what settings did you have them at, if i can get a complete list?


also, attach a pic? thanks



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