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Which DFI SLI mobo should I get?

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I tried the search feature, but was unable to find where anyone talked about what the differences are between the DFI SLI mobo's.


I am interested in getting the SLI Infinty version, but I am not 100% sold. Only because of my ignorance of DFI mobo's. I know they are very good though.


I don't want to buy something that I will regret buying. I'm basically going to keep the most of hardware that I have in my sig. The only real upgrade I think I am going to make over the next year will be to get a X2 CPU.


I really do not over clock alot, not like most of you do here anyway. And I don't need a ton of SATA ports, or even top of the line onboard sound chip. I basically use stereo sound and headphones while I play CS:S and DOD:S.


I'm basically looking to use my TWO vcards in SLI, I want a nFORCE4 chipset, 4 mem DIMM slots and future upgrade to X2 or possibly FX CPU.


Oh and one thing that crossed my mind. I have a Arctic cooler Freezer 64 ProCPU blower, are there any issues with this blower fitting in any of the DFI mobo's?


Thx in advance.

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if you want ANY dfi NF4 motherboard, you will need to get rid of that Ultra-X power supply before you even think about ordering a motherboard


you can ignore my dire warning on this, but I'm afraid that you, like 98% of others before you that tried to use an Ultra-X psu with these NF4 DFI motherboards, will find out the hard way that we don't issue this warning just to make you do the pee-pee dance and buy more stuff


read the psu link in my sig


pick a good one


I personally recommend the OCZ Powerstream 520w SLI version as it is the possibly the best psu for our boards


you can check here too:




If you don't plan on overclocking, get teh Infinity SLI if you plan on SLI


if you plan on even a little overclocking (and once you start, you won't really be able to stop), then just get the original Lanparty NF4 SLI-D or SLI-DR (not the Expert)


personally I would just get the SLI-D or SLI-DR at the beginning (assuming you have heeded my dire warning about Ultra-X's crappy psu's) and be done with it...you won't be disappointed (and you do have DFI-STreet, the best and largest, most comprehensive DFI support site on the planet to turn to if you need help or want to learn all about your board)



edit: ps I lived at Lee Rd & I-4 (and Maitland) for about 12 years before moving back to Idaho...not that it will make a difference in you listening to my advice...but I always like seeing people from places I used to live!

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