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A very, very happy guy here :)

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Hi, I'm almost done with my rig now - only need good BH5/BH6/CH5/UTT. But as far as a week since I have this board I AM ALREADY LOVING IT. Rock stable! No.

ROCK STABLE!!! I mean it - even with the sacrifice of some bandwith (385MHz RAM), I got it working at 300HTT with a little push on the Vcore. I previously had the ASUS A8N-SLI "Premium" (got the irony?) - no go with the opty and my crappy ram. No way it was going to boot on a divider! I know it's the opty getting the trouble, but the board cured its pain.

Earlier this evening (now it's 4:45 AM here) my neighbour came to ask for my PCI video for a flash. When he returned he offered me his oldschool 2x512 DDR333 BH5 noname. Said let's see what these can really do! Just FYI he managed to get at 260, 2-2-2-6 @3.5V on his NF7-S.

What do you think they could reach? No, more, no, even more! OK - 282MHz, 2-2-2-6, 1T @ 3.67V, NO cooling!!! 5hrs prime blend is far enough for me, plus 50 memtest #5 loops and 10 loops #7. Oh, yeah - the bios - I was using the 623-3 (generic ram). With this one they only got to 270MHz and not one more. With the 623-2(BH5) - 279MHz, and with the 704BTA - 282MHz.


So three things to say:

1. Thank all the good peolpe working at DFI and supporting here.

2. Thank you, Oskar, for the supreme .bin's :D. It's you man - it's an "One man army".

3. Thank you TonyOCZ, Hellfire and everybody helping Oskar with his fine work.


Keep it on and and the future is ours!!!

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