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I'll build a office system for my father's firm, he only use some 2D applications (word, excel). He also use some digital cameras (no editing, just for reference work). Nothing hardcore as you can see. He want to keep this computer for a long time (he's still using a 1995 P1-133MHz :rolleyes: ). In his head a computer is good for at least 5 years, so it need some good upgrades possibilities.


Oh yes, last thing, he just hate my noisy computer so he want something silent (don't even think about WaterCooling plz)


What do you think of this one:


Intel Pentium 4 2.4GHz

Standart intel cpu fan

Asus P4S8X-X

1*512M DDR PC-2700

60go W.D 7200 8mb

Standart Case

Antec True-Power 380w

Sapphire Radeon 9200 128M TVOUT DUAL

Onboard Sound

Onboard RJ-45


Suggestions? Comment?

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dood that comp is fine. Ofcourse the die hard amd fans are gonna tell you get an amd. If hes using an office comp why not just get onboard video as well? Then you dont need to buy additional video card.

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Case: Raidmax Model 278WSP(SILVER/SILVER) 10-bay Case w/ 350Watt Power Supply Retail $59.00



Motherboard: MSI K7N2 Motherboard for AMD Processors Model Delta-ILSR Retail $122.00



CPU: AMD ATHLON XP 2500 "Barton" 333 FSB PROCESSOR CPU- OEM $85.00



RAM: GeIL Golden Dragon Value Series DDR 512MB PC3200 400MHz MODEL# GD3200-512V - OEM $92.00



CPU heatsink: Thermalright SLK-900-A ( Heatsink ONLY ). All Copper heat spread $47.99



CPU FAN: Thermaltake SMART CASE FAN II. Variable Fan Speed Control, by temperature sensor $11.99



DVDROM: Samsung CDRW/DVD Combo Drive (Beige) 8mb Cache, Model SM-352BRNS - RETAIL BOX $69.99



Hard Drive: WD WESTERN DIGITAL "SE" 120gb 7200rpm HARD DRIVE $110.00



Video Card: ASUS V9280TD Geforce4 Ti4200 128MB 128 bit AGP 8X TV-OUT & DVI RETAIL $128.99



SUBTOTAL: $687.96

Labor: $100.00

TOTAL: $787.96


This isnt what i would get but its pretty close. Plus he dosent need the speed and the preformance. ALL USD

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