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Trouble with suspend and hibernate

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I know that suspend works.

I don't know if it works in the orignal bios'es or not, I remove some oem regs that deal with that in my later mods, just ones that have 00's for the values....


However, one thing I allways have set, that may help is the monitor shutoff method thingy.

I have it set to: V/H Sync+Blank.

Try setting that up in the bios.

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Unfortunately I cannot seem to get the ACPI driver to work properly, even after about four or five reboots it still don't work. I didn't have this trouble last time I changed it.

I changed the driver then rebooted. The monitor slept okay like it did before, but when I tried to put it into suspend the PC shutdown for about ten seconds with the power light flashing as it should, but then it all woke up again :( It keeps doing it, the wake from Lan (my broadband) is disabled so that should not be doing it.

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