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I've only had my HZ's for a few days now and am still tweaking, but I really got discouraged when I first installed them, thinking I could just toss them in at 270fsb and OC from there.


One thing I have learned so far is this ram is definitely a lot different than my ballistics were as far as timings, and I fear I will have to re-learn everything I thought I learned when I had the crucial sticks.


Right now, I'm running [email protected] 2.6vdimm. This ram likes low vdimm and appearently, weird timings. Nothing I've tried so far will let me run stable at 270 with 1:1 although I can use the settings that are stable at 260fsb with 183 divider and set my fsb to 280 and it is stable there.


I think the ballistics just spoiled me because the settings that worked with them at 270fsb, would take me all the way to 300fsb by just changing a couple of 2's to 3's.


Again, still tweaking, and reading about the HZ's, but they are definitely not as awesome as the ballistics I had (though both sets of ballistics died), but I can tell I haven't found the sweet spot with these HZ's yet.

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I have one more question; right now I'm running both sticks in the orange slots, as recommended.


Is it worth trying out the yellow slots or different combinations and see if they go any faster?

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