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Is ther a problem with sata raid on the CF's?

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I also ran that raid benchmark program; I found that my write speeds are rediclously high in comparision to my read speeds and the ones you guys have posted...I really only care about the read speeds; do you have any suggestions on fix this issue? I would post my results but I am writing this between classes (just got out of a signals and systems 2 exam, yuck! heh), anyways I have two seagate 120GB sata drives on ports 1 and 2 in raid0 using a chunck size of 32kB. Is this an appropriate setup if the primary concern is for gaming and loading windows (i heard that larger chunk sizes increases the speeds but going higher up wastes drive space)? Thanks

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It really depends on drive characteristics, little to be done about that. Some other drives of mine:

Maxtor IDE 7200 rpm 80 GB 2 MB cache

Hitachi Serial ATA 7200 rpm 250 GB 8 MB cache

WD 36 GB Raptor

Anyway, for Windows startup and gaming a high read speed is nice. A high write speed is better for paging or heavy disk operations like editing photo and/or video.

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That ATI SB Driver helped A LOT! I didnt think it would have that much of an effect my Read speeds increased by about 20MB/S for the sizes from 64kb to 1024kb.



I would have liked to have seen a boost in the lower sizes, but I am pleased with the outcome.

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[quote name='Quadrifoglio']@-fe.lep-:
Do you use the latest official BIOS release (2005/12/23)? Fixes:

It might make a difference, give it a try if you haven't already...[/quote]

Yeah, I contacted the shop about an RMA, they started telling me how I needed to prove this and that. I decided that flashing their BIOS was the least I could do for them If you know what I mean, lol

And it worked!


Thanks for all you help mate :D

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