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DFI NF4X wont post or boot

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Hi all need some help with my DFI INFINITY NF4X socket 754 mobo.


I built the system recently and the specs are in my sig below. The system just wont post. The fans turn on and I can see 2 led's light up and then the system just sits there and nothing comes up on the screen any suggestions what could be wrong??


I have tried booting with just 1 stick of ram, replaced the stock HSF with a XP90 and tried booting with an old PCI card but to no result. I also unplugged any USB devices from the system and I reset the cmos by shorting the jumpers and removing the battery but no use. To eleminate any case grounding issues I built the entire setup outside the case but had the same result I also removed all the ide devices but no use.


Help would be really appreciated to resolve this. I did search the forum but found only solutions with usb devices interfereing with the boot process but that is not the case for me.

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I would try first by unplugging all SATA, IDE and Floppy drives. Also remove their cables to the motherboard.


Try booting with just the motherboard and cpu+fan installed. It won't post but should give you a beep sequence for the missing video and ram.


Less likely solutions:

I know this is likely redundant, but is the square 4pin +12V power connector plugged in to the motherboard?


You replaced the HSF with the XP90, but did you check to see that the CPU was seated correctly with no bent or damaged pins?


Does the Seasonic S12-430 come with the newer 24 pin ATX connector, or is there an adapter to go from 20-24pins?

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