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First boot new rig, screen is all messed up, screen has a Matrix text

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the mobo BIOS is 11/02/05 why not flash it with the newer release.. who knows, it couldn't hurt..? If nothing works tonight I'll send it out first thing tomorrow morning.




Yes it can. My Expert came with the 11/02/05 bios and was stable as a rock(no overclock on the system as of yet). I decided the flash to the 12/07 bios and I started getting random crashes in serveral games (always the same type of crash in different games). Did a reinstall of Windows with the 12/07...no luck. Did a reflash...same thing. Flashed back to the 11/02 and everything is stable again.


The point is the just because a bios is new does NOT mean it is the best for your system. Try' em both and see which works best.

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