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Unexpected OC results

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Unexpected OC results


I have only been overclocking for 4 months because I had to wait to get a new PSU with high enough amps on my 12V rail. My memory sucks doesn’t overclock well at all, and I have been messing with settings trying to get the best aquamark 3 score. The settings in my sig give me a about 66,000 score, with the following settings I get the following scores;


224 fsb, 11 cpu multi, 9/10 divider @ 2.5,3,3,6 1T rest Auto = about 66,000

240 fsb, 10 cpu multi, 166mhz divider @ 2.5,3,3,6 1T rest Auto = about 67,400


Why would the second one with the lower cpu and memory frequency yield a better score

Is it because of the higher fsb, is this proof of the multiplier myth?


Oh and the 224 scenario uses a v core of 1.6 and 240 uses 1.55


If you guys need more info I will have to wait till i get home from work i cant remember the precise details

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