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To Spread or not to Spread


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  1. 1.

    • I spread a thin layer on !
    • I put a dot in the center and let the heatsink do the work !

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whats the problem with "I put a dot in the center and let the heatsink do the work" for small chips like chipset chips... cause thats what i did with some zalman greese..


I don't think there's a problem with that method for small chips, but you have to be careful with Arctic Silver 5 specifically, because it's conductive. For a big chip there's very little chance of the rice-sized amount of grease leaking out onto the board, but with a small chip like the motherboard chipset, AS5 that spreads beyond the chip itself could be a problem. So I asked the AS tech if I could layer that chip to prevent any conductivity problem, and he said for a small chip it's OK.

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I voted dot....but thats ONLY for AS5.


Normally I use ceramique anymore (since I use naked processors and whanot) and I find spreading it works best. If it looks thin after spreading i'll add an additional small 'dot' in the center.

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When you put the right amount on the center you allow the thermal paste to finds its own level. It will naturally spread out and fill in. If you take the HS off and don't like the spread just clean off the residue and aplly a little more then the last time. If you spread it out with a credit card you create air gaps in the thermal paste no matter how carefully you spread it out. These air gaps actually insulate the HS from the chip and force temps higher. I know angry living up to his name reading this poll.

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I may of voted 3 times...., having probs with the site today.


Dot in the center is what I voted for.


I've did the spreading thing.

Does the best for cooling, but does'nt last as long as the dot in the center.


Lasted maybe 2 weeks for as5.


Dot in the center, lasts a month at best.


Dot in the center with as ceramic, lasts 3 months at best.


This is for me though.

Many people would b!tch me out for saying that, the truth is that's how long they last on my rig.

Afterwards I get sky high temps, which eventually turns into outright instability at my so called stock speeds...


Ie 250x8.5 1.45v, or 266x8 1.45v, or 275x8 1.475v.


Normally I get around 32c socket.

However when it gets bad with this gel stuff, I can get up and even over 40c socket temps at this little speed :.


Getting to the point were I get bsod's at this speed, when I used to be prime stable a month or 3 ago.

Was really bad when I did the spread thing, my rig just was not useable at all after a few weeks of use.

However the temps the 1st week were great.



As5, I've had major probs with.

As ceramic, so far I've redone the gpu, it was dry after about 3 months.

The cpu is runnign horride right now, I assume it's the same, I just hope I have'nt had any leakage or anything like I've had a few times with as5.

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Like just about everyone else talking about AS5, I use the dot method. Using a dual core (X2 3800+) and have already removed HS twice, with even spreading seen on the core after removal....just too much work to spread when it does not make a difference.

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