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Just got new RMA'd Ballistix - need help tweaking final bits


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Hi there, would really appreciate a few pointersanswers ;) to me questionsrantings.


Just got some new 2x512MB Ballistix PC3200, both sticks are new to replace a dodgy stick in me old kit. It seems that its damn good stuff and is performing better than the old stuff I got (which in turn performed better than the stuff that that got replaced due to an RMA).




Currently at...


312x10 - with a 180200 divier - so the RAM is running at 283Mhz


Timings CL3-3-3-8-11-14...can't remember the rest sorry will update that but...


I've got a question or two, what the best setting for that 4 digit value half way down the memory settings page in the bios (I've always used 3120 with good resultsbandwidth).


Is there a good setting to use specifically for ballistix, I'm expecting there isn't - just trial and error but worth asking.




The bottom half of that page, there is a setting


"DDR Response Time" or words to that effect - options are "Normal" or "Fast"


In the info display on the right of the screen it says that fast is for "High performance RAM" and normal is for...well normal ram i guess.




I'm a little confused on this, does that mean cos I'm using decent ram I should put this on "fast"? Or is it much like other settings where you givetake based on your FSB.


There has been no talk of this anywhere and its not listed in the guide? strange?


Ummm anyway, would really appreciate some guidance on getting some more bandwidth outta this memory.


Memtest 1.65 is reporting 2760MB of bandwidth, is that good? I'm just after a couple of settings that might give me an extra 100MB or so, or even less.


Thanks for your help. :angel:

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