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some info needed on new install

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got a 80 gig eide and a 250 gig sata drive...1. question : i dont have a floppy drive are the drivers on the cd. I will be doing a new/ clean os.

2.i dont want raid just to hook up sata drive for more space .. is that raid 0 and what sata slots do i use?how to set up?

3. what would benefit more...winxp on ultra eide 80 gig hard drive or sata drive???Possible to load drivers without floppy????/

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If you are doing an Windows XP install you shouldnt need any drivers or disks for the HDDs to work (as far as I am aware). Raid 0, aka a striped set, is taking two harddrives and making them essentially one, this is done by formating the disks with common sectors and the data/files are broken into chunks of data that are shared between the drives. Ideally this will increase read and write speeds to the harddrives but at the cost of security. What I mean by security is, if one of the drives breaks then the RAID 0 is broken and cannot be restored by placing a new harddrive back in, instead you need to reformat again and start over with a fresh install of your OS and all your software. As you may see, this isnt what everyone may want to consider, only do this if you really want the read and write performance, if you dont care about load times of applications then there isnt much benefit.

If you dont care about RAID 0 then just simply plug your HDDs into your computer and install windows...very simple


How to setup...

Well if you have your OS disc handy you just place that in your cd drive and boot off of that disk. To boot off of it, go into BIOS and make the cd drive the primary boot device; save and exit. After that simply follow the instructions that will be presented to you. If RAID 0 is desired make sure you have set that up before hand and the ROMs have been loaded for it so windows install can access the disks correctly. Refer to the mobo manual for more on this.


The SATA drive is definately faster, use you IDE as a general storage disk and try to use the sata for things that are demanding and have a lot of data to access; you will notice a huge difference between the two setups.


Possible to load drivers without floppy?...

I am guessing you are refering to the RAID drivers...I am not positive on this, maybe someone can back me up on this, but I believe you can download the drivers to a usb stick and have the appropriate setting enabled in BIOS that allow usb detection during boot up.

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