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How To Properly Utilize the Forum Search Function! (Tutorial)

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Search notes v1.41 : Written for the DFI-street msg board. Unless noted, all searches are in Advanced tab.

NOTE : It is important to ask questions. This was not meant to discourage that practice, it is meant to help you find answers to many common questions and issues. _______________________________________________________________


Plain text. Plain text returns a match if all text is included in ONE single post in the thread.

(Only exact text matches count. You can reverse or mix the text order.)

Bios update download need

need bios update download

3200 3500 800xl

800xl 3500 3200


* Asterisk (shift 8) A replacement or Wildcard character.

A search on temperatu* returns threads with temperature in them.

The "re" ending was not needed for match when the * wildcard was used.

! ! ! A wildcard MUST be used with a minimum of 2 characters of text ! ! !

*XL or Za* or temp* (<---See Notes)


+ or Plus or AND

Returns text matches in any post of the entire thread. (This is opposite of the Plain text search option.)

Uses up to four words that are four letters or more when searching like this:

Bios +update +download +need

bios and update and download and need

3200 Plus 3500 plus 800xl

800xl +3500 +3200


- or Minus or Not

Each way Works & returns match of First word and discards any threads that match the second word.

Temperature -video

Capacitor not Bios

3200 Minus 800xl


OR or (Returns both words even if one is not present in the thread. )

BIOS OR Version



So, we paste this in advanced search

Bios and update and download and temperatur*

And it matched only two threads at the time this was written. (And 5 now.)



[Resolved] threads. Where the Admin or users have tagged threads with Resolved when the issue was fixed.

They contain likely solutions and an easy and fast way to access them is to paste

*[Re* into the search.

*[R* is only 2 and will work also to find threads.


temp and *[Reso* you get 12 threads

temp and *[R* returns 13 threads.


For the maximum recent listing you might use

Resolved OR [Resolved] OR *[Resolved]*




Combinations of Plus, Minus, And, Or do work.

rightmar* Memory and Cpuz or system returns one match.


Three keywords or a single part number and single word returned overall best results for me.

Bios and update and support

vf700 +cool* had 19 results.


If I get stuck, I go to the closest thread and look for keyword combinations that I might have overlooked.


Specific part numbers from the hardware itself will often take you to something that will help you resolve an issue. (OCZ4001024ELDCGE-K = my memory and a search on the part number and a keyword will most likely return common settings.)


Use Google to broaden your search. http://www.google.com/

I have linked to DFI-Street and other forums and someone may have had and fixed a problem like yours and it was never posted here. Web search http://www.altavista.com/web/adv also has examples of AND OR NOT. (Boolean searching)


Search this thread : sub category or sub set search within a thread.

Applicable in multi page threads. Finds additional (or refinds specific posts w/ ) matches within one thread. When a search lists a 30 +page thread it is possible to search within it also after you open it.


When searching a thread use the first (simple) search window. You can use + - search commands within the thread. (Tested with + only and it worked.) If you select Advanced search here it takes you to a new blank search and you are no longer just searching the single thread.



Some charachters symbols and words WILL BE IGNORED. Always pay attention to the search bar and its messages.



If you highlight some data and then Ctrl C (copy)

You can Ctrl V (paste) the highlighted data anywhere you can get a cursor to appear. This makes it easy to Highlight and paste without having to access the Windows selection menu and the added step of a mouse click and movement to copy and paste. (if I type it right once, I will copy and paste it the next time.) :)





Wildcards (* Asterisks) will only work with 2 and 3 character searches.

*** (Error) *A (Error) *1(Error)

11* (Pass) Za* (Pass) 1.8* (Pass)

For best results maximize the amount of characters used with a wildcard

temp* would return threads with temporarily and temperature in them and most often fewer results are better.)


Alpha numeric (1,2,3) or text (a,b,c) works exactly the same in the search function. Also, Z-9 or b-12 are valid combos. (the - (char) is valid.)


. Periods "." count as a txt char also.

1.8* (Pass) 2.4*(Pass) 2.* (Pass)


Errata :


"Overclocking Guide" "Cool & Quiet"

In Advanced these two returned both the same style results as as Plain text and AND Plus + as well . Note an " was used to frame text in these examples They returned matches but the results were without the " " being included in the text. Just use Plain text or *text* and do not use "text".


These notes should help you find the answers to many common questions in the DFI-Street MSG-Board database. The Vastness of DFI knowledge here is second to none. After a week or two of looking around and reading, I found I had a good grasp on a lot of information.


Good luck,


Version 1.0 the basic version

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search button is your best friend people....please learn to use it...if anyone has any more tips on how to search etc, please post them here....we'll make a big how-to guide for this as well

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Thanks THunDa.




I think I have finished and revised it to the best of my ability. I tried to condense it to the basic minimums but I know everything can be improved upon. If it needs reviseing or changes or a verbage tweak then by all means do so. I am not thinking of English users when I mention this, but for people who may not speak english well or as a first language.

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its a good guide Seas...once Alexia's college fund is complete, I will add this to the announcements at the top of every forum as well as the Rules/Announcements section.


Keep refining it if you have time and ability. Its a good one though so you can be proud that you made it into Thunda's sig as well as a sticky from me ;)

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Ok, will do. I will see if I can change the wordings I do not like to something more easily understood by everyone.


I have seen you (A_G) whip out some well thought out (practically full page) mini manifestos and well worded replies. So it was a vote of confidence and trust in your ability in case something sensible to me was potentially vauge to others.


OMG sweet I got an avatar ~!Yaaaa

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hahaha manifestos...well you know...sometimes people have to be brought back to earth (rather rudely in some cases) and informed of how reality really works ;)


do what you think is best, and we'll continue to offer suggestsions or encouragement

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I have been trying to do a search for posts done by Angry Games. I do the advanced Search and search by user name but no matter what I do I can't get it to give me a result. Please help. I am trying to find posts he did in the OCDB.

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Actually, the first time I tried to hunt an AG post a while back I had the same results. However its an easy answer. Its one word and not two.



*(works just tried it. ) you need the _ char to link them.

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I never knew bout the * trick!, lol. Good job on the tutorial!

you should do a search for "read the rules" and then fill out your sig info as per the rules...

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