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Guest azure_merged

opty 170 etc

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Guest azure

I have read some members claiming the opterons are the same as the X2 chips, but I noticed that the L1 cash on the x2 chips is 128k and the L1 on the opty chips are 64K... I know in general what the L1 cash does and the L2.. Just looking for an explanation why one is 64k and the other is 128k.


Side note, I am looking at a Toledo 4400 or an opty 170 and starting a new build from scratch next month. I'll list what I am looking for below.. I am welcome to suggestions, all purchases will be from newegg. The only items I'll keep transfer over is the raptors and sound card, I need everything else replaced. I am giving my current rig to my girlfriend.


Opty 170 or toledo 4400

2 1 gig sticks ocz 4000 ram - haven't decided which one yet - see sig I have 2 gigs, but won't oc well.

Bring 2 36 gig raptors from sig

purchase new PSU, either ocz powerstream 520 or PC 510 Turbo (the 200 dollar one)


Don't know which one, but DFI board nvidia chipset - which is the best?

Full tower - need recomedations

Bring over audigy 2 plat



I won't be using SLI, but want best options for OC'in the processor with air

so if I need SLI board I can get it.


I also need suggestions on cooling for the processor etc.

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Get a 165 or 170 operton there both clocking pretty decent, 165 only has 9 multi so u wanna run high HTT this might be a bit better for u, unless u get lucky and can run ur 170 wish a 10X with 300 plus HTT @ 3G which if is almost imossible on air, ALOMST..

The ram now days is ust sick, so ill not even post on this one, TCCD id say 300Plus is wut id shoot for


Id say 90c Ninja Freezer and a few others

I live my 90C

Get a Xpert or CF edition mobo if u wanna do some tricks with that 1900 def go CF then

Good luck with whatever u pick, keep us posted :)

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X2-4400, X2-4800, FX-60 and Opterons 165, 170 and 175 all have the same core, Toledo, stepping E6.


I would suggest X2-4400 ADV4400 (TDP=89W) if can be found at all. Otherwise, just grab a Opteron 165 and enjoy...


For everyday, stock cooler (box) should perform well up to 2.4GHz on default voltage (1.3-1.35V). For anything more then that , for air cooling I would suggest Thermalright SI-120 (+ Panaflo 120x38mm) or Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 pro.


For memory go for 2x1GB OCZ EB PC4000

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Guest azure

I'll go with an opty 170 or toledo, want the higher muliplier. I want to run at 2.6, is that realistic on air? Will the xp120 with a panaflo work with any of the dfi boards? I haven't used an after marker cooler since my old barton 2500 oc'd to 2.3.


My fear is, with a 170, since it's not supported officially that if I run into problems that I won't get help.


I have been doing quite a bit of reading on the forums, has there been a lot of success with the 170 reaching 2.6 stable on air? With 2 1 gig sticks of ram? I have read some horror stories about the 170 or 165 with installs...


Which dfi mb is best? The expert? Have the bugs been worked out..


Appreciate the suggestions. This comp will have to do for another year and a half.

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