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help me oc'ing my 4200 please

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hi there,


i'm quite new to overclocking and i need some help in overlocking my

4200 a little. i know it's a problem, that i have 4 mem sticks, but i don't

want to get a huge overclock.


by simply upping the fsb to 215 i can get a stable 2366 mhz without

loosening the ram timings. when i go beyond 220 fsb i get random freezes

in windows.


could sombody help me to get my machine stable at lets say 2450 to 2500

mhz without frying it? what voltages, timings etc...


thanks in advance...


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The four sticks isnt a problem for me. I am not some expert on OC'ing either. First see The OCing sticky please read it.. lots of info in there. first find your CPU's limit by putting some dividers in there against ram. see how it goes. Then try to bring your Memory to that speed by loosening the timmings or running dividers if you like

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