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Smoken Joe

AMD 64 how many volts on your CPU?


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  1. 1.

    • Under 1.35
    • 1.35-1.45
    • 1.45-1.50
    • 1.51-1.60
    • 1.61-1.65
    • 1.66-1.7
    • 1.7-1.8
    • Greater than 1.8

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3200+ Venice @ 2650mhz 1.43 volts, XP-90 air cooling

I have gotten up to 2.75ghz with around 1.5+ volts but i get scared I will melt the chip... but now looking at the others, I feel lucky I can run at this speed with such low voltage.

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3000+ Newcastle @ 2600mhz 1.55-1.6v (1.5v) is stock. watercooled.

A safe voltage for 130nm cpu's is anything below 1.7v. 1.7v being the abolute highest you should really go.

90nm cpu's the safest voltage is about 1.6v

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