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BattleField 2 Problems

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Hey guys,

I've been reading the forum for awhile now but have never felt the need to post until today.

I have recently overclocked my X850XT from its core clock speed of 520MHz to 574MHz and its memory clock speed from 540MHz to 594MHz, and then changed some settings, it idles around 38 degrees and under load it stays below 55 degrees. I was thrilled with the results, everything ran great:


Half-Life 2



Call of Duty 2

But when I tried to play Battlefield 2/Battlefield 2:special forces some wierd things started to happen to the picture.





I reinstalled both games and patches but nothing changed.


Is this happening because of the overclock?

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If you really want to run your card faster, then try the new ATI Catalyst 6.2 drivers. If I remember right there was a fix for Battlefield2 included. But I could possibly be wrong.

Just an idea if you do want to try higher clocks.

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