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hrm...what does UCCC sammy mean? Never heard of it whatever it is...


UCCC are Samsung memory chips that get decent low latencies with very little voltage increase. Check http://www.teamgroup.com.tw/content/view/125/342/

As far as I know Samsung TCCD chips are better, but I think they have been discontinued. But I could be wrong on this.

If you have a DFI board I would say just get yourself BH5/CH5 memory.

I heard that someone has started making the chips again. Check http://www.teamgroup.com.tw/content/view/209/0/


The websites are links to a memory maker called Team Xtreem. I dont know how good they are, but just wanted to give you an idea of what memory chips are used and they have benchmarks on the various memory.

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tccd ar limited to again 512meg modlues so for 2gig he would be back at 4x512 again ;)


If yu want max speed from 2048mhz+ UCCC is the only stable way to go.

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