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Opteron 148 CABNE stepping...3080Mhz prime stable


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Hi folks,


I finally gave in and bought an opteron 170, so....I am selling this gem of mine.


Opterton 148 CABNE stepping with IHS removed:






3036Mhz @1.52V (shown on MBM) on water (Swiftech STORM)

Temp: 44C underload and 34C idle w/ ambient 26C.

Prime stable (blend) for at least 6hours.


3080Mhz @1.60V (MBM) on water.

Temp: 46-48C underload at 34-36C idle with ambient at 26C.

Prime stable for at least 6 hours.


I have the lid (just have to find it among the computer stuffs).


Picture of screen


However, your overclock will vary depending on the components and cooling you have. I will guarantee that it will arrive non-DOA or your money back. The warranty that you will get is DOA from me for 5 days upon receiving the processor, this doesn't include physical damage to the core because of faulty installation.



COST: Opty has been SOLD

My heatware evals


Thanks for looking. Please bump if you looked.

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