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WTB//754 processor and RAM


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Guest flashystylez

I have a sempron 2800 754 chip, 1.6 ghz stock, but overclocks to 2.0 (3300+ rating) without voltage changes. It will go higher, but the max on my motherboard (cheap ecs) is 250, so yea. Im looking for 75.00 shipped on it. It will come in the retail box, with the documentation, and retail heatsink and fan. (UNUSED by the way) I installed a zalman 9500 cu on it immediately.

I also have a stick of Samsung TCCC ram here (512 MB PC3200) With a Vantec Iceburg Copper Heatsink on it. Im looking for 25.00 shipped on it, or if you want both, I will sell them for 90.00 shipped.

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