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X2 4400 @2.59 1.37v prime95 stable but Doesnt run games

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ive gotten my 4400+ prime95 stable for 12 hours before i shut it down at 2.59 @ 1.375V but when i open fear it barley gets into the menu than i get a restart, everytime. Im woundering if anyone knows what this means Thank You

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It probably means hardware instability... in order to find out exactly what the problem is, you'll need to do thorough and methodical testing. It is a pain in the @ss but a necessary one.


For starters, it has been my experience that Prime should be run for 24 hours to ensure stability (but even then it's not guaranteed). Also, since you have a dual core, have you run two instances of Prime simultaneously? If you're only doing one, that's only half the X2.


Next, memory testing is extremely important. MemTest is the preferred program, but again it you want assurance it needs to go for ~24 hours (not 8, 12, or even 16).


If you refuse to do the above testing, I'd say just jack up your vcore (to 1.45 or higher)... what you're running is probably not enough for that speed.

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